Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple yet Classy Hotel

 Photo credits: taken by the blogger 

It's been a while rather some time (hehe) since my last post here. Couldn't think of anything to post when some 'spark' made me think to come back and post interesting stuffs about anything that maybe of help to someone or anybody.

Tonight, am gonna feature a review about this simple yet classy accommodation conveniently situated along Quimpo Boulevard near Ecoland Transport Terminal across the Yellow Fin Restaurant and a jeepney ride to SM City. My husband and I was on a trip in Davao City and few nights before, I was checking online what better place to stay which is, of course, budget friendly. Thanks to information superhighway, we get to browse everything! :)

I have listed a few hotels, inns, etc. When we reached Davao City, this place caught my eyes. "This must be new", told myself. So, off we go and inquired muna. Room rates were affordable for as low as 750, but no inclusion of breakfast. Front desk attendant was fairly friendly though.

We were ushered to our room and it was clean yet quite small but with nice, cool air conditioning, furnished beds, private bath and toilet with hot and cold showers, telephone system and LCD flat screen cable TV. 

One thing I noticed is that the room service was slow. We ordered and it took around 20-25minutes before it was served. The staff who brought our food never mentioned "Room Service" before she knocked the door. Guests will be totally surprised if someone knocks at your door just like that. Anyways, they charged 20php for its service. Serving of water was by request since the water in the rooms is not potable. Just dial the # posted in their laminated menus.  

Its hallway could get noisy at times with people talking and laughing aloud. Yes, noises can be heard from the room. Hmmmm, I wonder if they hear noises from the inside? (chuckles)

Internet connection was poor at first but hubby discovered the hotspot, and wanna know where? Near the door! LOL! So, to make sure of the strong FREE WIFI ACCESS, we had to sat on the floor and start browsing/reading/downloading. Also, their closet has no drawer. Clothes hanger were indeed provided.

The place is good for travellers/backpackers/family/couple & even when you're alone. Security services and provision of a safe environment was well-maintained. I might stay here again soon.

My rate: Fair :)
Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland Davao City
Contact #: +63822956463

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Oh my gosh! It's been 9months since my last post? That long already? Where I've been? Oh well, pretty darn busy about life and more mind boggling thoughts. Time passed. Things have change and so does people. Got a lot of things to say and share about. I miss blogging.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love On Line

Our day is never complete without having to say the three lovely words. Without having to see each other. We thank the technology for bridging the communication and we praise God for keeping us both strong and faithful to each other. We talked until the wee hours in the morning. Talking about anything and everything that concerns us both, of course. I am missing him already as I am typing this. See how much I love him. Had to post something before I retire to bed. Time is unnoticeable when I am talking to him. God bless us both, honey. I love you not only on my mind but deep in my heart. Can't wait to be with you soon.

♫ I don't even want you out of my sight ♫ Can't describe words are not just enough ♫

My weekend would be great. I feel so light and I really loved what I am feeling right now. ♥

Friday, November 12, 2010


It's Friday, weekend strikes again. Honey is off from work and was able to talk to him during break time at school this afternoon. He was so excited to hear the good news but I got off the hook. Connection wasn't that good. Anyways, after the meeting, drove my way home and wanted to face my PC again. We just miss each other so much. It's less than 6months till he comes home. God, please keep him safe and his dad as well.

When I got home, we talked. We skyped. Haha! Whatta term! While I was enjoying the rocky road ice cream, he was drinking Laban, a yoghurt. I hope I get to taste one someday. In the midst of our conversation, I noticed his eyes were about to drop[hehe], told him to get some rest. Will be waiting for him to wake up. Boy, i'm so stuffed I couldn't even think of having dinner. We had 'pancit' as our snack after the meeting was adjourned. Shobe cooked chicken adobo for dinner.

Went over to my notes and started studying again. FB and skype is on idle mode. Took a break for the meantime and watched SO CLOSE. I love this movie. Not only it defies sisterhood but on valuing relationship, of loving and be loved as well. The action that it showcases adds spice to the movie. Oh my, my tears has fallen. This was the point when Lynn died but before she perished, she recorded a video asking for her younger sister's apology. They had a sort of sisterly misunderstanding :(

Love you, honey. Will wait for you till you get up, that is, ahm, if i'm not sleepy or had fallen asleep yet *wink!*

11:27pm.. He's awake! But in BAD MOOD :( ...shared his annoyance with people who can't even think of contributing a task that would benefit everybody.. blah..blah...he's soooo pissed off...provided him though with a therapeutic communication, that is..the response is quite ok...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Digging deeper

Days ago, i posted something about the complicated heart thing. That was the result of the conversation we had. Oh well, it was more like a test. Got pissed off, irritated, annoyed which lead my emotions to burst. Got hurt then I cried. The following day, we talked again and ironed things out. Sort of not his intention to make me cry but in a way, he did. Sometimes its weird that the person who hurt you is the one that can away the pain, as well. Truly, I love him dearly.

Honey is cooking
Just received a call from honey pabs and he asked how to cook Beef Steak. Told him the details. He will be cooking for their dinner. His 'kababayans' would surely love it.

Depth of Love
We are getting better. We are getting deeper as well. I am digging deeper. Having him in my life filled the space I've been longing to fill in. I could not ask for anyone else. Hope he won't change. Things now are falling into place. Goodluck and God bless to us, both! We came this far and both of us are holding on and that what I felt for him is getting deeper, just like how he feels for me, too ♥♥♥

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I don't have a COMPLICATED HEART. I'm being hurt again. Cried :'( I hope you know how much I value you. Is it too much? Words are not enough? Told you, I will be waiting. What happened to the 'Everything is worth the wait' statement?? I'm really confused. You made me cry again :'(

Friday, October 29, 2010

Overflowing happiness

It's our day. Lord, thank you. We came this far. You made us tough, strong and stood still for our relationship. You are our strength. Praise God!

Thought he may have forgotten. I remember he once said he made that souvenir item of ours with our anniversary on it his desktop image which made me 'kilig'. So sweet of the love of my life.

Just before the midnight strikes, around 11:15Pm, he called! He said he went out to have his laptop checked and as the usual routine goes, his call isn't complete without the exchange of 'iloveyou(s)' and 'mmmwah(s)'. I really thought he would end the call with his 'iloveyou'. Hmmm... Long before he uttered those 3 lovely words, well, his voice was like a shy teenager saying 'happy monthsarry, mommy ko!" then there goes his 'iloveyou'. Each month of our relationship is important to me, eventhough our first year anniversary passed months ago. My honey is getting sweeter each day which made me miss more of him. I always pray for his safety and of his dad. Don't worry honey, time flies. I'll be here waiting. I'll be seeing you soon!

To my partner, you are so dear to my heart! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!